Viticulture and Enology Station
In recent decades his work has focused on conducting various tests on oenological practices and cultivation techniques to improve the quality of wines

Viticulture and enology station was created by Royal order of July 2, 1910, though it didn't start operating until 1911. Its first director was the engineer D. Constantine Lopez Alcazar (1911-1916 / 1924-1932), who told two men very important in the history of the station wine: the expert agricultural D. Fernando Morencos and the chemical D. Valentin García Tena.

In them first years the activity main consisted in the orientation of them farmers for the reconstruction of them vineyards attacked by the plague of the phylloxera and the mildew and the training of young winemakers. In 1925, D. Constantino López turned back to help farmers in the task of reconstruction of the vineyards and in the design of the project, together with González Montes (1932-1935), current viticulture and enology station building. This Cubist style building, was opened in 1936 as director of the same D. Fernando Oria de Rueda.

Subsequently they have been facing illustrious characters who provided him with a huge reputation, both nationally and internationally. Between them can highlight to D. Rafael Janini (1919-1924), whose bust presides over the façade main, and D. Pascual Carrión, that it directed during more than twenty years consecutive (1941-1961). Both contributed to the development of the movement cooperative, to the replanting of them vineyards with feet of strains American resistant to the phylloxera, to it improves of the quality and to its correct marketing.

In them last decades its work is has centered in the realization of different trials on technical oenological and of crop for improve it quality of them wines, in the study and adaptation of varieties foreign (Cabernet S, Merlot, Syrah, etc), in the enlargement of them fields of essay and in the analysis of wines, alcohols and derivatives.

In 2006 the Generalitat Valencian decided to enhance the station of viticulture and oenology and raise it to the category of Institute technological of viticulture and oenology, with the rehabilitation of the building and the construction of a center of research that has with them teams analytical more sophisticated existing in the market.

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