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Through the different rooms of the farmhouse S. XIX know thoroughly the world of wine and rural life


The hamlet of Sisternas, located next to the village of block houses, was founded by the family of the lobbyists at the end of the 19th century. Is as a village in which still is maintained several houses, as well as the old Winery. In 1902, Candido "the lobbyist, transformed all a farm of 200 has of Saffron in grape of vinification, planting already with them first" foot American "anti-filoxera and with our variety native: the bobal." In 1930 the winery had a capacity of 600,000 kg. of grape.

Years later, Miguel García, lobbyist for generation III, aided by his family, became the hamlet of Sisternas in one of the best and most complete ethnographic museums of the Valencian Community.


It hamlet of Sisternas recreates, through more than 5,000 objects, all the life of our ancestors: the came, the work, the customs, them parties, etc. Has with different exhibitions: it House main decorated with ancient memories of it family, it collection of motorcycle, tractors and bicycles, it ancient Winery where is preserved them utensils for it development and conservation of wines and a dining where to the end it visit is performs a tasting of wines as well as a talk on them different elaborations of wines and it particularity of the D.O. utiel-Requena.

Also on the visit also pens, stables, oven, room for the slaughter of the pig and old deposits can be for storing wine.


4 € for person

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