Los Ruices

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Los Ruices is one of the most remote villages of Requena , and on the border with the municipality of Venta del Moro


The Los Ruices name comes from the Ruiz Ramírez family, who owned landed property in this area around 1765. Juan Piqueras Haba describes it in his Geografía de Requena-Utiel as consisting of several irregular blocks of houses and poultry yards "that barely managed to form actual streets".


The main and almost sole area of activity in Los Ruices is wine, with a little over 1,400 hectares of vineyards. The Cooperativa de Viticultores de los Ruices (Tel. +34 96 233 40 51) and the Cooperativa Nrta. Sra. del Milagro are charged with making the wine.


The church used to be a shrine until 1965, when it became a parish. The current church was built in 1982 and dedicated to Our Lady of the Miracle. There are several natural areas of note, including a vast forest full of pines and shrubs that's home to several species such as rabbit and hare, fox, boar, partridge, common buzzard, eagle owl and barn owl.

The Cerro de la Muela, La Mina and El Perrenchin are singularly beautiful natural spots. Three ravines worth mentioning are Los Calabachos, La Esteruela and Los Ruices. Around the hamlet are other small hamlets, almost all of them abandoned and in a state of decay:

El Molino del Risco, La Casa Sancho, El Violante, La Cañada de la Peladilla, La Casa del Cabildo, la Casilla Caracol, the latter is the only one that is inhabited, by the family that owns the estate, and La Cornudilla


The services available include a doctor's office, bar, social centre, food store and a pool with a grassy, tree-covered area.


Held on 1 May, the feast day of its patron saint, Our Lady of the Miracle. On that day there is a procession, a friendship meal, contests, children's games and dances.

In addition, on 16 January the residents and the workers from the wine producers get together in the Plaza de la Iglesia (Church Square) to light a bonfire and celebrate the feast day of San Antonio.

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