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Requena sausages are covered by the Regulatory Council of the Protected Geographical Indication " Inlay Requena " .

Requena sausages are regulated by the Regulatory Council of the Protected Geographical Indication "Inlay Requena", an organization that hosts twelve family businesses, all located in the municipality of Requena. This advice through their records and control systems ensures the quality of our sausages.

Following the guidelines of the Rules of the I.G.P. the preparation of sausages is done in a rigorous way, which allows the product to reach the market in excellent condition. The selection of pig meat, using only females or castrated males, the proven quality of the spices used and the use of natural casings to produce the different sausages, define the product and distinguish it from other sausages market.

Protected Geographical Indication "Inlay Requena" protects the following products: sausage, chorizo, güeña, spicy sausage, pepperoni, sausage dog. Two of these products, the Dog and Güeña, are registered in the list of craft products from the European Union.

The Craftsman Embutido Requena Quality and reflects the tradition and history of a people.


Embutidos Angelita
Avda. Arrabal, 8
Tel. 96 230 15 14

Embutidos Encarna
C/ Batanejo, 24 - Tel. 96 230 36 54
C/ Peso, 10- Tel. 96 230 00 75

Embutidos El Serrano
C/ Eduardo García Viana, 2
Tel. 96 230 14 76

Embutidos Emilia
C/ Colón, 2
Tel. 96 230 09 51

Embutidos Angelita
C/ Fortaleza, 10
Tel. 96 230 34 10

Embutidos El Pontón
Camino Los Visos s/n- El Pontón
Tel. 96 230 10 53

Embutidos Isabel
C/ Villajoyosa, 37
Tel. 96 230 06 26

Embutidos Las Tres Rosas
C/ Villajoyosa s/n
Tel. 96 230 04 78

Embutidos Mª Luz
C/ Poeta Herrero, 12
Tel. 96 230 02 20

Embutidos Tere
C/ Doctor Guijarro, 3
Tel. 96 230 11 80

Embutidos Vergara
Plaza de España, 8
Tel. 96 230 47 42

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