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The origin of Rebollar is due to a primitive chapel next to the old road from Valencia, not far from the chapel of Nrta.Sra. del Rosario


El Rebollar is 8 km away from the city of Requena. Its origins stem from a primitive inn located alongside the old road to Valencia, not far from the shrine to Nuestra Señora del Rosario (Our Lady of the Rosary).


Pico del Tejo (Tejo Peak)

The Pico del Tejo, with an altitude of 1,250 m, is the most important in the municipality of Requena. It offers breathtaking views from its summit that, on clear days, reach all the way to the sea.

Herrado del Gallego

Another important site due to its expansive forests is Herrada del Gallego, which has a hunting preserve owned by the Valencian Regional Government that's home to deer and mountain goats. The fountain in this site features the Tótem al Aire, a sculpture by Emilio Gallego.

In addition to these locales, different hiking trails offer a way to get to know El Rebollar's natural setting.


The Requena Aerodrome, which dates back to the Spanish Civil War, is also in El Rebollar. Activity at the aerodrome has been on the increase since early last decade, so much so that it provides a benchmark in Europe in the areas of services (aviation and leisure), quality and safety. Tel. +34 607 66 59 45,


The patron saint celebrations are held between 2 May and the nearest weekend and honour the Virgin of the Rosary. There are also celebrations in summer, in early July or late August.


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