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Surrounded by forests and mountains it offers plenty of opportunities for walking, cycling or hiking


La Portera owes its name to an old farm house (1650) that was owned by a nun at the San José de Requena Convent, who was known by her nickname, "La Portera" (The Doorwoman). The house would later come to be known as Labor de las Monjas (The Nuns' Farm House).

That primitive town centre is located at the top of a hill where the small building once used as a shrine now stands.


The main economic activity in La Portera is wine making. Most of the production is channelled through the Cooperativa Valenciana Agrícola de La Unión, founded in 1958 (Tel. +34 96 234 50 06). This cooperative is now part of the COVIÑAS Cooperativa.

There are also other wine-making companies, such as: Bodegas Cuevas (Tel. +34 619 39 07 28,, Bodegas Ladrón de Lunas (Tel. +34 660 95 89 80, and Vinos y Sabores Ecológicos (Tel. +34 686 42 80 10).


Surrounded by forests and mountains, La Portera offers many possibilities for walking, bike riding, hiking and having a nice picnic out in the fresh air. Noted for its landscapes dotted with vineyards, there are emblematic, nearby places perfect for brief excursions, like Hórtola and its Fuente de la Carrasa. In the summer, La Portera opens the doors to its public pool, located within the hamlet.

You can also enjoy the best local cuisine and products in the Restaurante Casa Bar La Sartén (Tel. +34 96 234 50 59).


La Portera organises celebrations to honour its two patron saints: San José and Our Lady of the Assumption. The San José celebration starts the evening before with a dinner around a bonfire, where Porterenses enjoy locally made cold meats and wines from their cooperative. The next morning there is a mass, followed by a procession and handing out of blessed bread.

Our Lady of the Assumption became a part of life in La Portera when the nearby El Churro estate donated its statue to the church. Ever since, La Portera has celebrated the feast of the Assumption every 15 August.

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