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This museum tells the story of photography since its invention in France in 1839 until the arrival of the digital era shortly before the entry into our century

Picture Requena Museum is located in the neighborhood of the town in an old and humble little house floor and five heights. Have adapted the exhibition spaces to the characteristics of the house and in it the history of photography has since its invention in France in 1839 until the arrival of the digital age shortly before the entry into our century. The museum is divided into different rooms:


Are some of the first photographs, daguerreotypes and ambrotypes that has the file museum. In another section there are some photos with albumin nineteenth century with its different formats and other non-silver photographs. We also found the stereoscopic
photograph with various cameras and viewers time. Another section is the photographic support, the first non-professional photography invented by Kodak, the first Polaroid camera.


In this room the various negatives are classified by base or format or by negative plate, roll ... to the Leica mythical and universal negative step that led to a revolution in the manufacture of cameras. In front of the room there are different enlargers, essential elements of the darkroom, along with everything necessary for revealed.


Here magic lanterns include precursors of transparencies and slides, cameras large format bellows, in its various models and medium format cameras. In this room are color photographs with some of the images from the library of the museum, highlights the Autochrome for quality and appreciation among fans. Along with her lighted photographs and other types of photography Kodachrome, Agfachrome, that appeared in subsequent years.


They highlight the many cameras that were manufactured from universal camera or 35mm negative step. From the first dominated by the German market and robust consistency to Japanese automatic cameras. Along with them is a very interesting section of the Spanish industry had its representation before the economic hardship in Spain. Another section is represented by Polaroid, Kodak or Agfa cameras.


Concurring spaces on the stairs and common areas to be presented in three different periods per year File photo exhibitions of the museum and some Valencian photographer, so that over the years can go presenting the collections file takes advantage.


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