Los Pedrones

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The landscape of this village consists of a large expanse of vineyards and pine forests invite us to take long and pleasant walks


The origin of Los Pedrones dates back to the 17th century when it was settled by colonists, whose job was to turn the pastures and mountains owned by the municipality into farmland. Arriving from La Mancha, Tomás, Francisco and Antonio Pedrón, the first Pedrones, worked these lands and, with their offspring, built various farm houses.

The two neighbourhoods in the hamlet are the Barrio de Arriba and Barrio de Abajo (Upper and Lower Neighbourhoods), which were joined in 1911 by a road that passed between them.


The economy is based on wine production. The entire grape harvest is taken to the Cooperativa Agrícola Purísima Concepción, which was founded in 1961. Hoya de la Iglesia is a family-owned company that specialises in making high-quality, tasty dairy products from goat milk.

Other businesses include: Carnicería (Butcher's) Vito, Carnicería Mari Luz. Specialising in home-style cold meats, Bar Recreo, Bar Juany, Pescadería (fish market) Haya, a petrol station and Pensión (Inn) Delgado, Horno y panadería (bakery) Carmen, specialising in Requenense buns and other pastries, and Pub Montana.


The first shrine in Los Pedrones was built in 1766 and dedicated to the Virgin Mary, and subsequently to San Antonio de Padua. The current building dates from 1940 and has undergone significant changes and modifications, the last in 2002.

There is a doctor's office, a medic, a public school and a pool in the summer.


The hamlet's patron saints are the Immaculate Conception (8 December), San Antonio Abad (17 January) and James the Apostle (25 July), with local feasts celebrated on those dates. During the festivities of 8 December, the bleesed bread is taken on a procession through the entire hamlet, departing from and returning to the shrine. On 25 July there is a mass to the Apostle James, followed by an offering of flowers.

During the Immaculate Conception celebration there is a hedge trimming contest to show off one's skills with the shears. At the San Antón celebration all types of objects, animals and foodstuffs donated by the residents are auctioned off to those present. All proceeds are used to maintain the shrine.


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