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In this museum uniqueness Requena wine , its space and its history is described and pieces are exhibited characteristics of the process of development and production of wine


The Wine Museum is located in the so-called Palace of el Cid. In this building, of construction Gothic, highlights its facade of Ashlar with door of half point Voussoir, their windows with arches ogee, your skirt with their funny dogs in the auction of its beams and the shield noble belonging to the family Pedron. In its facade back, of masonry, can see another door of half point and a solana with balusters turned of wood.

In its inside is retains the hallway with coffered ceiling, the ladder of access with handrails and balcony of balusters turned, the well, them Trulli, the trulleta or battery, it cueva-bodega with 9 jars and the jaraiz.


The Museum describes the uniqueness of Requena wine, its space and its history and displayed characteristic pieces of the process of elaboration, production and storage of wine. All this spiced with elements Visual and teaching that it make more attractive and facilitates the involvement of the visitor, spreading so the culture and the history of the came of Requena.

Distribution of the dependencies of the building mark the route of visitors according to the stages of development and production of wine. The visit of the Trulli and the access to the cueva-bodega begin the route of the wines. The racking is complemented with the exhibition of ancient presses located in the jaraiz.

Tools of production, storage or transport are presented in the block and other rooms on the ground floor, accompanied by an audiovisual installation which, combined with a model, shows the interior of a district of early 20th century warehouse. In higher plants, has been allocated a space for the description of the geographical region of singularity and the evolution of winemaking activity of its inhabitants. Photographic representations of landscapes are combined with virtual representations on the territory and its people. An invitation to the visitor to participate in the knowledge of this region and its wine production.

From remains archaeological until utensils industrial, passing by them documents more highlights of it configuration modern of the Villa of Requena, allow to the visitor enter is in the memory that the came has left in Requena and its region.

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