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This museum has become one of the most interesting cultural projects thanks to the interest of the Board of Guilds of Requena

The Museum of the week Holy of Requena is located in the old convent of San Francisco, located in the neighborhood of the Loma. Today you can visit the old cloister and the area of the Church, which has been aimed at the exhibition and display of images, photographs, clothing, videos, etc. that represent part of the Easter of our city.


To the right of the altar are a small, but cosy corner, in which may enjoy of a ride audiovisual by our week Santa. Is a summary of all and each one of them acts that the Board of brotherhoods prepares for each year and during some days is fill of faith and tradition processions their images by them streets of our city.


At the start of the visit you will find a few panels where are the pictures that are not exposed because they are located in the parishes of our city. These images are the Ecce-oven, Nazareno de Arrabal, Cristo de la Vera Cruz, N.J.C. descent and the Holy Sepulchre. Images of the Via Crucis of the Santos steps are also displayed.

Along all the travel will be finding different images of our week Santa that represent the passion and death of our Lord. A total of thirteen steps complete this sample, to be distributed as follows: prayer in the garden and the entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem on bass choir. Kiss of Judas, the Veronica and Ntra. Ms. of them headaches (Vera Cruz) in the chapels located to the right and Ntra. Ms. of them Dolores (Association), Virgin of the Angustias and Holy Chalice in the chapels located in the left. And to finish five Central images that are Cristo de la Expiración, the exaltation of the cross, flogging of N.S.J.C., San Juan, and Christ resurrected.

The information related with each image it can find in your panel information.

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