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This museum, housed in the former Convento del Carmen, show us permanent collections of ethnology, archeology and natural sciences


The Museum Municipal of Requena is located located in the former Royal convent of the Carmen. The Foundation of this convent to late of the century XIII, is due to the Infante Alfonso of it bristle, grandson of Alfonso X the wise of Castile and of the Holy King Luis IX of France, being the more old of it order Carmelite in all Castilla. In the enthroned as Patron Saint of the city to Santa María de el Carmen de la Soterraña, small image found by the French King on Mount Carmel.

The definite secularization occurred in 1836 and 1842 is awarded to City Council the use of the convent building, while the Church continued open to the cult as support of the parish of San Nicolas. Part of the convent was fitted as a town hall and its dependencies was hosted the Court of the party, the Municipal Archives, the library public and currently Municipal Museum.


Requena Municipal Museum was founded in 1968 after the municipal plenary session agreement by which requested is of the General Directorate of fine arts the creation of the "Museum historical artistic of Requena and its region" and subsequent approval by Ministerial order on June 20.

In a principle is installed in the Tower of the tribute and in 1975 was moved to the current dependencies of the convent of the Carmen. From 1977 begin the tasks of cataloging of its funds with the appearance of the "Catalogo-guia of the Museum archaeological of Requena". In the Decade of the 80 is multiplied them sections appearing it of Ethnology, diplomatic and documentation, Sciences natural and paint.

Is starting from 1988 when is takes up the task of cataloging, activity that is framed within a process of restructuring: organizational, of performance, of scope and scope, of objectives, of media and of space.

From 1995, a time concluded the works of remodeling of the building, begin them tasks of reinstallation of them rooms of display, opening is currently to the public the collections permanent of Ethnology and archaeology.



The traditional dress in the field of Requena-utiel. 1789-1914
Of the housing and the household
Mortise in Requena. 20 years of shows and more than 500 of tradition


Daily life and Roman funerary world in the region
The culture Iberian in the comarca Requena-utiel
The treasure of the family Ferrer of Barcelona

Natural sciences

The ecosystems of the region
Regional Geology

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