Los Isidros

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The Isidros, located on the N- 332 that unites Requena with Albacete, is one of the most dynamic districts of the term thanks to its 500 inhabitants


According to the historian Juan Piqueras (Geografía de Requena-Utiel), the hamlet's origins are uncertain, though by the mid-18th century some families had settled here, living alternately off the land, by raising livestock or off the forest.

The first shrine was built in 1817 and was located in what is now Calle de la Iglesia (Church Street). It was replaced in 1896 by a larger house of worship.


Most economic activity centres around the Cooperativa Agrícola Albosa (Tel. +34 96 233 52 25), founded in 1958. Other wine producers: Viñedos La Madroñera (Tel. +34 96 399 24 00) and Bodegas José Vte. Pardo (Tel. +34 606 93 76 01).

Also worth noting is the flour and bread-making cooperative Panificadora La Albosa, which serves Los Isidros and surrounding villages. There are also other businesses there as well as a petrol station.


Most of Los Isidros lies within the Las Hoces del Cabriel Natural Park. The Rambla Albosa (Albosa Ravine) contains uniquely beautiful spots, like the Molino Las Ramblas (Ravine Mill), where grains were once milled using the force of water; El Cocedero, with impressive views of El Cerro de la Hoya and the mouth of the Peñas Negras river, near the abandoned town of Los Sardineros, an extraordinary setting where huge fallen black rocks stand out, and where various forms of wildlife (boars, eagles, owls, hares, mountain goats, etc.) gather in its wetlands.


The hamlet has a complete Cultural Centre with an Olympic-sized pool, a children's pool, a park, gardens, a dance hall and meeting rooms.


Los Isidros holds feast days in honour of San Antonio Abad on 17 January, with a traditional bonfire and a great "hood". The hood is a pine tree chosen by conscripts that is planted in the centre of the bonfire and is burned down by the fire. There are also celebrations for the Virgen del Carmen on 16 July with fairs and outdoor dances. On San Isidro, there is a procession to Muela de Enmedio, which is a few kilometres away from the hamlet.

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