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In the environment we find different paths and routes that allow us to enjoy pleasant scenery


At the eastern end of the extensive term of Requena, in the area adjacent to the municipalities of Yátova and Bunol, is located the Valley and the village of Hortunas. Although abundant archaeological remains that demonstrate the settlement in Iberian and Roman times have been found, the first news of Hortunas correspond to 15th and 16th century moment in which the family settles in this place Sunday.


There is a cooperative, the wine of San Isidro Labrador, collecting wine in the area.


Environment Natural close of Hortunas, and next to the river Magro, are the places of Canaleja and Coto Ferrer, this last also known as the House of the guard. These places are very frequented by the requenenses, especially in the time of Easter, because they have source, paellleros and even a small shelter.

In addition, in different ways and routes we can enjoy landscapes formed by poplars, willows, poplars, pines and Oaks. And even the river you can see some duck or garza.


Hortunas features Social Center and a small children's playground with swings and source. There is no trade although usually step Baker twice a week and in summer makes it every day. Fruit bowls and fishmongers are also approached.


In the chapter of festivals, Hortunas has two patterns: San Julian, which takes place on January 28, and San Isidro, May 15. Also held Festival around August 15.

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