Harvest Festival Museum

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This museum takes us into the clothing , tradition and history of the Feast of the oldest vintage of Spain


This museum, through its halls, takes us into the clothing, tradition and history of the Harvest Festival. The different units are equipped with the newest facilities, making the visitor feel part of the main events held throughout the year.

On the ground floor we can see a video, where the party and its history, and an interesting collection of wine bottles explained. On the first floor, dedicated to clothing, we find a sample of Requena costumes. The second floor is adapted to new technologies and in it we see a giant video room that tells how the party is a computer that projects more than 3,000 photos from all previous editions and display cases with memorabilia, archives and documentation. Finally, the third floor is a multipurpose room where you can see all the posters advertising the different editions.


2 € for person

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