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The Museum of Contemporary Art " Florencio de la Fuente " stands out thematic , stylistic diversity of techniques and procedures.

Requena, far removed from the grand art galleries and the large national museums, has always aspired to embrace and enjoy contemporary art. The efforts made by the City Hall over the last few years, highly valued by all, highlight the dedication of a city with a long history in the art world, with its renowned art schools of the early 20th century and its consolidated programme of exhibitions in the Former Market Hall.

The setting up of a contemporary art gallery in Requena meant the completion of a goal and one of the city’s aspirations, but at the same time marked the beginning of an era in which this facility would offer a new dimension to the contemporary art activities and programmes of Requena and also enhance the city’s reputation.


The building which houses the Florencio de la Fuente Contemporary Art Gallery belongs to the Lucio Gil Fagoaga Foundation who loaned it to the City Hall for 25 years in order to install a contemporary art gallery. It was renovated as part of the Cultural Facilities Programme of the Department of Culture of the Generalitat (Valencian autonomous government) with the participation of the Provincial Council and the support of the Leader funds of the European Union.

 Located on the Cuesta del Angel street, the building is a unique space, not only because of its dimensions, but because it is an element that stands out amongst the important buildings of the Old Town (La Villa). Its rows of balconies and the fact that it is built on the slope that is the entrance to the south-east part of the Old Town give it certain distinguishing characteristics that make it one of the most emblematic images of the old quarters.

It is set on five levels, the lower two of which look directly onto the Fuente del Pino street with direct access for heavy goods vehicles. The archives, offices, storerooms and workshops occupy these two levels. The remaining three floors look inwards to the Old Town where we find the main entrance. They house the exhibition areas which are open for the public to enjoy both temporary and permanent exhibitions. It has modern security systems and motion sensors.

The building has the capacity to exhibit approximately 80 works of art in its more than 160 linear metres of wall and 450m2 of exhibition surface. The exhibition areas are designed specifically for works of art and to adjust to optimum conditions for all different types of supports and materials with controls for temperature, humidity and light intensity.


Florencio de la Fuente was the owner of a large collection of contemporary art consisting of paintings, sculptures, drawings, and engravings of both national and international origin. Although at first the acquisition of the collection was for his own personal enjoyment, his dream was that the collection be used for all the public to enjoy and particularly for young people to learn from in order to foment appreciation of contemporary art in the coming generations.

The collection stands out due to its diversity of themes, styles, techniques and methods. Works of Internationally renowned artists such as Miró, Dalí, Tápies, Rueda, Mompó, Torner or Miquel Navarro are exhibited together with younger names of Spanish origin such as Castrortega, Villa-Toro, Valribera, Muriel or Plensa. Well-known South American artists such as Gauysamin, Lam or Carlos Cañas add to the collection along with Japanese names such as Keiko Sato or Yamaoka.

Such a wide range of works all have something in common: the good taste, the opinion and the choice of Florencio de la Fuente and come together as a collection offering a refreshing vision of the last 50 years of Spanish contemporary art.

At present the gallery stores more than 400 works of art from his collection for present and future exhibitions.


The gallery was conceived as a modern space for housing successive temporary exhibitions of works from its own archives, works belonging to collections from other museums, to the private collection of Florencio and also works belonging to the City Hall. In all of these collections we find artists who represent both the national and international cultural scene.

For the inaugural exhibition opened on the 20th of July 2005, some of the best works from those donated by Florencio de la Fuente were exhibited and then completed with other works from his private collection. The exhibits were a balanced selection of small, medium and large paintings together with a small collection of sculptures.

Currently in the Museum of Contemporary Art Florencio de la Fuente we can see an exhibition formed by works belonging to the background of the museum.



July 2005. Inaugural exhibition. With the collaboration of the Museum of the Florencio de la Fuente de Huete Foundation (Cuenca).

2005. Transferències. In collaboration with the Museu de Menorca and the Government of the Balearic Islands.

2005. Francisco Rojas.

2006. Nearby winds. Ibero-Americans. In collaboration with AM Drago's Madrid Art Room

2006. Josep Vallribera "Crida al risc". In collaboration with the Art Museum Jaume Morera of Lleida and the Ludwig Museum im Deutschherrenhaus Koblenz.

2007. Romà Vallés "Cosmic architectures". In collaboration with the Museum of Teruel, the City Council of Valderrobles and the Matarraña Region.

2007. Antonio Villa-Toro "Felipe II and his court". In collaboration with the Antonio Gala Foundation for young creators and Annta Gallery

2008. War posters. In collaboration with the Universitat de València.

2009. Ouka Leele. In collaboration with the Museu d'Art Contemporani d'Elx and the City Councils of Almussafes, Carlet, El Campello and Altea.

2009. Ismael Berkane "To your look". In collaboration with Encant Menorca.

2010. Juan Barberá "Reflections of a villain, painting and object". In collaboration with Klaus Kramer Arte Actual_Aktuelle Kunst.

2010. José Morea "ABCaos".

2011. Editions H. Jenninger and fragment of the Jenninger / Vallribera collection. In collaboration with the Center Arts of Juneda.

2011. Vicente Castellano "... de l'atelier". GIRARTE in collaboration with the Diputación de Albacete and the municipalities of Alzira, Almansa and Ibi.

2013. Cano "Figure among teachers". In collaboration with the Bullfighting Museum of Valencia.

2013. Henri Dechanet. In collaboration with the Antonio Pérez de Cuenca Foundation.

2014. Yturralde graphic work. With the collaboration of the Universitat Politècnica de València

2014. PIlar Perdices "Landscapes of memory". With the collaboration of ARTFACTUM. Barcelona

2014. Bernhard Lehmann "Brot und Wasser". With the collaboration of Galería Cànem and Edicions H. Jenninger

2015. Manuel Piña "Fashion does not wear, it feels". With the collaboration of the Manuel Piña Museum of the City of Manzanares.

2015. José Mª Avilés. In collaboration with Art-Estudi Gelida.

2015. Gerardo Stübing "Un camí, dues mirades". In collaboration with the Universitat de València.

2016. Agustí Penadés "Acció-procés-configuració". With the collaboration of ARTFACTUM. Barcelona

2017. Memory of Modernity. With the collaboration of the Provincial Council of Valencia and within the "La Diputación a las Comarcas" program

2017. Josep Vallribera "Einstein, Newton, Bach ... are on their way to Requena." With the collaboration of Edicions H. Jenninger

2018. ANZO "Geometry". With the collaboration of the ANZO CV Foundation

2018. Nobuku Watabiki.  "El zorro sabe muchas cosas, pero el erizo saba un gran cosa" With the collaboration Ediciones H. Jenninger

2019. Ernst Voland. Con la colaboración de Edicions H. Jenninger



Noviembre 2000.  Pedro de Matheu

Febrero 2002. Henri Dechanet

Julio 2002. Antonio Villa-Toro


Enero. Alberto Jonquieres  

Febrero. Miquel Guillem

Abril.Hans Sünderhauf

Mayo. Vicent Ahuir

Junio. Consuelo Chacón

Agosto. Francisco Bores

Noviembre. Antonio Villa-Toro

Diciembre. Henri Dechanet


Febrero. Michel Barboult

Mayo. “La princesa de Éboli” (Colectiva)

Noviembre. José Basset

Diciembre. Javier Martínez Valle


Marzo. El románico en la obra de Alberto Hernández

Abril. Henri Dechanet

Mayo. Juan Luis Molero

Junio. Claude Doustaly

Julio. Miguel ángel Moset

Agosto. José Manuel Velasco

Octubre. Francisco Rojas

Noviembre. Villa-Toro y McNamara

Diciembre. Svetla Georgieva y Felip Caldés


Enero. Grupo Tolmo

Febrero. Grupo Cuenca

Marzo. Cristina Malumbres

Abril. Bárbara Rueda

Mayo. Vicenç Ochoa

Junio. Madrid Arte Contemporáneo (colectiva) 

Agosto. Jack Bercand

Septiembre. Carlos Serrano

Noviembre. Rufo de Mingo

Diciembre. Alberto Jonquieres


Julio Leonor Fini



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  • Detalle Museo Arte Contemporáneo Florencio de la Fuente
  • Detalle Museo Arte Contemporáneo Florencio de la Fuente

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