Los Duques

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Located within the Natural Park of the nature park it has a variety of landscapes and natural landscapes


According to Juan Piqueras (Requena-Utiel geography) the name of this village comes from, as in other villages, the surname of the people giving that relations of neighbors in the mid-nineteenth century the surname Perez-Duque.


The main economic activity of the Dukes is viticulture. Most of the production is channelled through the cooperative the incarnation of our Lady.


The village of Los Duques, since it is inside the Parque Natural of the Hoces del Cabriel, boasts a wide variety of natural landscapes. These include:

La Fuente de los Morenos

Just 4´5 kms. of the Dukes is known for the medicinal nature of its waters. By its appreciable quantity of sulphur is its composition, appreciated especially to heal wounds and skin problems.

Yacimiento de la Solana de Las Pilillas

It's an Iberian site dated between the VII and VI c. which constitutes the first archaeological evidence in the production of wine in the comarca of Requena-utiel. It houses a collection of more than one dozen wineries dug in the roc, devoted to the pressing of grapes, as well as remains of buildings associated with the activity of wine-making.

La Alcantarilla

This is one of the places most frequented by residents of Los Duques especially in the days of Easter.


Los Duqus has a number of services that give certain amenities to its neighbors. Account with hairdresser, Tobacconist, grocery store, bar, doctor's office where you pass query one day a week, and a social Center. When sports crew has handball, track of multifunctional (soccer, basketball, et.) and a swimming pool.


In Los Duques parties held in honor to its Patron Saint, the Virgen de la Encarnación, setting a March 25. On occasions when it coincides with Easter they are transferred to the month of April. In those acts include: dances, procession, contest of paellas, etc. Known are held in the month of August the Fiestas of the Melon.

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