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Its name probably comes from spills of old farmhouses in the area. The beginnings are linked to the Oria House (now Bodegas Torre Oria) , former work house


Its name comes probably from the old houses of the area work spills. The beginnings of the village are linked to the old farmhouse House Oria (Bodegas Torre Oria).


Its economy is mainly based on the cultivation of the vine. For this reason there are cooperatives and wineries dedicated to production and wine-making. These are:

Cooperativa San Miguel

It was constituted in the year 1957 by 45 farmers in the villages of El Derramador and El Azagador that joined forces to get a performance and a dignity to their crops quality, since until then they made wine individually, either sold their crops in regime of sharecropping to any Winery in the area.

In his early winery was integrated into a single nave, but with the passage of time there have been several enlargements until today a winery with a total of around 2,500,000 litres capacity for crops of nearly hundred and ten members.

Bodega Torre Oria

The Bodega Torre Oria was founded in 1897 by the Oria de Rueda. The original Winery, projected on floor of Horseshoe and the modernist style by architect José Donderis, still stands. Suitably restored, declared a national artistic monument, continues retaining in their basements the ancient caves devoted to breeding and aging their wines. Torre Oria vineyard is set in the term of the Derramador, known as the domain of the Derramador.

Torre Oria certifies each and every one of its wines and cavas with the distinction of seal and guarantee of Derramador domain.

Since 1997 (the centennial celebration), and in order to preserve and promote the culture of wine, is running the brotherhood of wine and Cava of Torre Oria, an inheritance old-fashioned which takes care of order Knights and Dames to individuals who have excelled by his performances in defence of the wine. With imposition of layer and baptized with the sword, these personalities go part of the Guild. A bottle of wine and a parchment testify to his honor and distinction.

The excellence and quality of its wines and cavas is recognized in many specialized events are presented, prizes that, like the seal and guarantee Derramador domain and the brotherhood of Knights and Dames, serve to prove the distinction of its wines.

More information: www.torreoria.com

Vineyards and wineries Vegalfaro

Winery of familiar character who started his first steps in 1980 with the planting of vineyards. Their current sixty hectares of vineyard is divided in three farms of their property: "Finca the wheel", "House Capote" and "House Alfaro", with varieties of bobal, tempranillo, cabernet sauvignon, merlot, syrah and chardonnay.  Winery has been equipped with the latest technological advances from the reception of the grapes to bottling, to produce wines of high quality in all their ranges. The Winery is located next to the vineyards and surrounded by pine forest to maintain freshness.

More information: www.vegalfaro.com

The Derramador can locate a poultry farm that breeds and sells numerous species of poultry, complying with the most demanding criteria of quality and hygiene.


The celebrations are held in honor of its Patron Saint Michael the Archangel in the first fortnight of the month of May.

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