Los Cojos

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One of its main attractions is the area known as El Saltadero located next to the Rambla Albosa


Located within two kilometres of Los Isidros, a town with which it is closely tied. To get to Los Cojos, one must take the road that goes from Los Isidros to Venta del Moro. Many Requenenses pass by on the N-330 without realising that this quiet hamlet is just a few hundred metres away.


Agriculture is the main occupation of the inhabitants of Los Cojos. Most wine producers are part of the Cooperativa de la Albosa (Tel. +34 962 33 50 32), which also serves the hamlets of Penén and Los Isidros. Just over a kilometre away is the Los Vientos Therapeutic Community. 


The natural setting is marked by the La Albosa ravine, which is 30 to 40 metres deep as it runs through Los Cojos. The ravine has water year-round from the location known as El Saltadero, almost two kilometres up the ravine. There are two marshes and several springs, including the Molino and especially the La Teja spring.


The place to gather in Los Cojos is the Centro Convivencia, which features a bar, a terrace and a playground for the little ones. It also has a doctor's office.


The main celebration honours the Candelaria (Candlemas), the patron saint, in early February. There are also celebrations at summer time.

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