Casas de Soto

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This village , surrounded by pine forests, is an ideal place to spend the summer and rest


Groves homes is one of the smaller villages of Requena, with 22 people listed and only 8 inhabited houses. During weekends, and especially during holiday periods, the population comes to triple.


Casas de Soto is a site of undoubted attractions for rest and the summer since it is surrounded by forests with lush pine forests. The roads surrounding the village allow us to provide long, quiet walks.


Casas de Sotos is a village without services, without even a trade. Only a Baker arrives daily from Los Pedrones to distribute bread. Medical consultation and the social centre are in the Pedrones.


The main festivities are made during the first week of August. Pattern is San Isidro, and although they touch in may, the need is virtue, and takes advantage of that in August is when more people there are in the population for verbena, a "sobaquillo" dinner and a mass in the open air, since there is no church. A large fire is also to Antón during the month of January.

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