Casas de Eufemia

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Casas de Eufemia usually live about 170 people in a population that is about 10 minutes by car Requena


As noted by Juan Piqueras in his Geografía de Requena-Utiel, Casas de Eufemia was late to achieve its township status. "In 1870 it only had eleven houses and some fifty inhabitants. Its rapid urban and demographic growth in subsequent years came about, as in the case of Los Duques, thanks to the massive influx of residents from surrounding hamlets".


The main economic activity that takes place in Casas de Eufemia is vine growing. There is one cooperative, La Inmaculada (Tel. +34 96 233 40 75) and two wine producers: Bodegas y Viñedos Garrés (Tel. +34 675 51 57 29, and Muela de Abajo (Tel. +34 96 230 04 59).


It has a doctor's office and small pharmacy.

The facilities available are limited but include a racquetball court and a pool, open in the summer, a football pitch and a park area with swings for the little ones.


Triangulation station atop Cerro Carboneras. La Esteruela Fountain. Church of the Immaculate Conception: located in the population centre, in a square in the centre of which a fountain was built in 1991 in honour of the hamlet's patron saint.


There are celebrations in honour of the Body of Christ and the Immaculate Conception. The celebrations committee also organises a cultural week in June. The INCOR association organises a women's week in March. There is also a Senior Citizens Association, a Hunting Club and a Sports-Culture Association.

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