Casas de Cuadra

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Named D. Alonso de la Cuadra , who owned land and house in this game around 1710


Casas de Cuadra gets its name from an old owner, Alonso de la Cuadra, a priest who owned land and a house in this district back in 1710.


The only economic activity is agriculture. Very close by is the hamlet of Sisternas, currently uninhabited. Its only activity is the Sisternas Winery, which makes wines under the Viña Cabildero brand. Its owners also run the Museo del Vino y la Vida Rural (Wine and Rural Life Museum), which has over 5,000 farming implements from the 19th and 20th centuries, as well as 25 underground tanks open to visitors. A tour of the museum may be arranged by telephone (639 61 96 07) or online at


In the centre of the main square is an elm tree that is a source of great pride for the residents of this hamlet. It's a specimen with an 8-metre plus diameter and some 15 metres high, with a thick crown over 40 metres around.

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