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Arroyo neighborhood is located between San Juan and Rome, just over one kilometre from San Antonio, that separates him the river Magro


Calderon is the smaller village of la Vega. Some 50 houses, virtually all arranged constitute it. Although it has registered 25 inhabitants, continually only are 10 people living here. The weekends, and especially in summer, empty houses are filled with people who can appreciate the tranquility of Calderon. Outsiders are above all of Valencia and surrounding areas, and many of them are not descendants of people from the village, they have simply bought a House because you liked the site.

Like other villages of the Vega of the Río Magro, the small core of Calderon emerged on the side of a Manor House, the House of Calderon, took name. Its first inhabitants were the families of sharecroppers


The main and almost only activity economic of the population is the agriculture, mainly the cultivation of the vine.


The parties are in honor of the child Jesus, and is organized every two years, in collaboration with the village neighbouring of neighborhood Brook. Numbered years organised by Calderon, and the odd quarter Brook.


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