Currently the Plaza de Toros , is also a space for culture and art where concerts and various festive events are held

The bullfighting tradition in Requena dates back several centuries. Numerous documents note already in the century XVI that the bullfighting in Requena was a component essential of the parties and is resorted to it in numerous occasions. Formerly bullfights were held at the Plaza de la Villa, where there still remains the alley of the bullpen. However in the century XVIII, and coinciding with the boom of the production silk, them acts is moved to the square of the Arrabal and mid the century 19th the coso is installed in the square of weapons of the Castle.

The current Plaza de Toros de Requena began to build in 1872, had to be stopped twice on the occasion of the Carlist War (1877) and by an epidemic of cholera (1885), but was finally inaugurated on September 17, 1901. The Board of shareholders, integrated by 396 requenenses, that is made charge of its construction had that face a budget that amounted to 43. 267´53 pesetas.

The poster of that first corrida was formed by them right-handed Emilio Tower "he Bombita" and Jose Garcia "he Algabeno" with bulls of the livestock of Jose Maria camera. The square, after its overhaul, was reopened the 19 of September of 1945. It was time the cartel was formed by Fermín Espinosa "armillita", Pepe Luis Vázquez and Luis Miguel Dominguín right-handers with the Bernaldo de Quirós cattle bulls.

The Plaza de Toros, is currently also a space for culture and art where concerts are held and various festive events.


The neo-Moorish façade is a magnificent example of the revival of late 19th century style. This built in flat circular with the use of brick as the main element, and the decorative use of motifs Islamic ties, rhombuses and horseshoe arches. Has a diameter of 38.5 meters of roll and a capacity of 6.614 locations.


This Museum proposes to the visitor a tour on them aspects of the Party national and, especially, a meeting with the history and the tradition taurine of the city of Requena.

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