Bridge Jalance
Despite pas temps faces bellesa retains the seua work picapedreria i l' structure of the last seua restauració in the segle XVIII

Although is unknown the date of its construction, know that in 1597 only remained in foot them Stirrups, surely to result of the great flood of 1590. Between the century XVI and XVII suffered various modifications. Its current plant responds to the reconstruction led to out in 1735, after the historical temporary of the night of Santa Sabina of the 27 of October of 1728. Despite the passage of time, it still retains the beauty of his work of masonry and the structure of its last restoration in the 18th century. In the Decade of the nineties of the twentieth century they disappeared the cross, the image of the Virgin of la Soterraña, carved in stone, and some of their balls that adorned it.

On their two arcades have last generations and generations of villagers of the term that lived in the margin right of the River, to direct is to the city, it same that of citizens that passed of the margin left to cultivate their lands next or in address to them villages. But the importance of Jalance bridge was not based only on the interconnect to the inhabitants of Requena and its term since it was also the place of transit goods which went or came from the Kingdom of Valencia. In addition, starting of this bridge is diverged three roads important that carried to other regions more remote with important racking of Mule driving and trade.

The paths of the roads of Requena and Albacete Almansa in late 19th century and early 20th was built a new bridge at the pontoon, leaving the Jalance for regional use, until a new bridge of Jalance on lean, downstream from the old rose in the Decade of the 80s of the 20th century, but very close to it. This made left completely without use to our beloved bridge old of Jalance that enjoys of your deserved rest.

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