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The name of the hamlet of El Azagador has its origin in converting irrigated the banks of the River Oleana (now Rio Magro ) by the Arabs


The name of the hamlet of El Azagador comes from the adaptations made by the Arabs to use the Oleana river (now the Magro river) for irrigation, with watering allotments being made by batch and by shifts, with the last (zaga in Arabic) being assigned on Sunday, hence Azagador.
Farm houses over 200 years old consisting of a living area for the owners and, next to it, quarters for the labourers, with a threshing floor between them. Examples of these houses include Casa de los Colomer, Casa de Miñango, Casa del Risco and Casa de los Aguado, once a staging post.


This hamlet's economy is based primarily on agriculture, with vineyards, almond trees and olive trees being the main crops. Within the boundary of El Azagador there is a wine cooperative, the Cooperativa Agrícola San Miguel (Tel. +34 96 230 43 13), which is shared by the Derramador and El Azagador wine producers. There is another wine producer: Bodegas Mitos S. L. (Tel. +34 96 230 07 03, www.bodegasmitos.com).


Old staging post, from before the 17th century, located on the old Royal Road to Madrid (now the Pontón-Utiel road, km 3), fully restored with a built-up area of 567 m2. Due to its age, it is thought that it gave rise to the hamlet that is now El Azagador, owing to an inscription dating from July of 1217 on the only mud wall that still stands.

The last 150 years it has been a farm house and it exhibits all of the basic components needed for such a structure, like living quarters, corrals, stables, hay loft, granaries (for storing different grains separately), porches, an oven, wood piles, grills, chimneys and fireplaces, a wine cellar and an area for threshing grain.

The reason for restoring this unique building is to preserve the cultural and wine-making heritage, rebuilding a traditional wine cellar with current technology alongside these buildings to preserve an image of the past while looking to the future.


The celebrations in honour of the patron saint of El Azagador, Saint James the Apostle, are held on the weekend closest to 25 July. The celebration includes a mass and a procession, handing out of blessed bread, an outdoor dance, a communal dinner and contests.

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