Angel's Climb and Gate
La Cuesta or Puerta del Angel was one of the entrances to the walled enclosure of Barrio de La Villa .

Surrounded by flat land, at other times dedicated to orchards, the mound of tuff inclined from north to south stands, on which the fortified town of Requena was built in Moorish times on the remains of older settlements.

To access La Villa always you have to climb and those hits are given the name of hills, whose culmination fortification was protected by gates in the wall. Of the seven hills and doors he had closed the walled enclosure and disabled Fargalla call, to build a second wall that covered the suburb of San Nicolas. The remaining six are known by the names of the Cortina, Alcala, the Butchers, the Castle, the Christ and the Angel. From these slopes are only visible remains of its ancient gates in Christ, with a small chapel dedicated to Santo Cristo del Amparo and built a defensive tower.

On the slope of Angel, which is currently accessed by steps, and the costs of Butchers and Cortina, we find the old gate of the first walls of the southern part. By building number 7 house Street Angel in the late sixteenth century stuck in its old wall, on the outside, this input via a passageway respected, with two sections of arches in their manufacture, communicating, this Thus, the suburb of San Nicolas with the call Jorra square, which is the first fortification intramural.

In this passage Angel door panels there are two Valencians, relatively modern tiles, placed in the 70s of the twentieth century, replacing those that existed prior to the Civil War. In these images the Guardian Angel and Ntra. Sra. De los Desamparados are represented.

A landmark building Slope Angel is the house where the Museum of Contemporary Art "Florencio de la Fuente" is installed. On the facade facing west, built on the cliff that forms the rock emphasize its two spacious floored and old bars. In houses that are left, as climbs, another funny solana, of smaller proportions are also preserved.

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