Valle del Magro

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In the Magro River Valley we can find spectacular places

Due to its geographical features, the Magro River Valley never was a natural route homogeneous in its entirety. Is heterogeneity is what explains the fact that, despite being a relatively short river, has received many names in historical time: Rio Juanes, Magro, Oleana, Alcala and Rambla Algemesí. The name rambla, although mainly refers to the lower basin, indicates its torrential character.

Which it has been identified to the same river with diverse names because the average course consists of a gorge difficult to access and has never been a means of communication normally used, which has made the geographical division into three neat sections I converted, at least figuratively, in several rivers with identifications different from local or regional scale. Instead, both the upper and the lower course were the natural routes from north to south for thousands of years.


The River Magro is a valuable reservoir of life for an important and delicate ornithological diversity. We can find birds that come to nest such as the Mallard and Moorhen. There are other birds that are seen in migration as the Royal Garza or Martinete, waders such as sandpipers or even Kingfisher has been observed rarely. local nesting songbirds like White Wagtail and cascadeña usually feed on its shores, and the Pipit, which occurs only in the Magro River Valley during the winter period. Besides the river is home to other species such as the common frog, catfish and crawfish.


We found a characteristic vegetation of aquatic environments where we can find, especially cattails, reeds and a reed promptly. Representative trees as poplars, elms and although less common appear, we can find small-leaved ash trees. Other species that are represented in the Magro River riparian forests are white poplars, willows and walnut trees. But besides the agricultural landscape also it dominates the Magro River Valley so we can find crops of vines, almonds and olives.

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