The Taste of Requena. Cuisine

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Its broad gastronomic offerings include rice with meat, potatoes in broth, rice with green beans, rice stew...

Requena traditional dishes are rich in protein and calories, besides varied and tasty. Its wide gastronomic range include dishes like rice spoon slaughter, rice casserole, potatoes, broth, stew, morteruelo and gazpacho manchego. Ajoarriero, morteruelo, the cachuli and buns with lean and sardines complement our cuisine. The sweet note put it "the turroncillo" the "holy bread", almond and sweet potato pies or chocolate.

But without doubt our sausages, welcome to the Protected Geographical Indication "Inlay Requena, are one of the mainstays of our cuisine These include:. The sausage, chorizo, güeña, the spicy sausage, salami, dog and morcilla. Two of these products, the Dog and Güeña, are registered in the list of craft products from the European Union. All these typical Products can accompany with our famous and traditional wines and champagnes. Requena has an old tradition in winemaking, as evidenced by the countless wineries located in our town.

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