San Sebastián Church
This chapel , located in the neighborhood of Las Peñas , preserves a wooden coffered Mudejar

In the old neighborhood of the penalties is located the chapel of San Sebastian. The date of its Foundation is unknown, but according to Domínguez de la Coba and Diaz Martinez, was carried out between 1238 and 1239. On the other hand, Rafael Bernabeu in his "history of Requena" data the Hermitage to end of the S. XIV, when is undertook a rigorous campaign of baptism for treat of convert to the population Moorish that resided in the neighborhood of them penalties.

In 1663, to avoid excesses, were brought to this temple three companies of the third of D. Pedro de Cisneros, who devastated the inside. In 1706 the Hermitage is fitted out as Hospital military to attend to them wounded of the Guerra of succession. From 1748 attempted to cover its Mudéjar origin and turn it into a baroque chapel, evidence of this are the chapel of San Cayetano, of los Angeles, the construction of false hiding the stone columns, as well as hurdle that covered the roof. The restoration of the Hermitage, giving it its current design was held in 1786.

In 1924 is produced the collapse of some of them arcades that later were reconstructed. It restoration integral of the Hermitage, only symbol mudejar of these features in the community Valencian, has allowed the recovery of the coffered mudejar of it roof with their stands and them pillars octagonal of style Gothic. Also have been reconstructed, similar to the original, the stairway entrance to the Hermitage.


The Hermitage of style classic popular, with cover to two waters, is built in base of Ashlar masonry and masonry plastered and bayonets. The cover is a classic with oval window and spiked gate. To the right is stands the Bell Tower square, of an only body that just exceeds the height of the Hermitage, cover with a tejadillo to four waters and veleta. The interior, of trace simple, consists of three ships covered with coffered mudejar supported with pillars octagonal of style Gothic. By the part right of the Hermitage is enter to the chapel of the communion, a dressing room covered with Dome, that was built in 1748. To both sides of the Church find different altars as the of the Virgin of them angels, the Virgin of them pains, the Nazarene, etc.

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