La Rambla Albosa

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The Rambla Albosa shows places of special beauty, such as the Las Ramblas Mill, where the cereal was once ground with the impulse of water

La Rambla Albosa, located in the region Requena-Utiel, born in the town of Jaraguas and taxed at Cabriel River by the left margin with a length of just over 32 kilometers. With a northeast / southeast direction retracts the waters of gullies such as Las Fuentecillas, El Boqueron or Bullana Rambla. Along its route passes by Jaraguas cores, Venta del Moro, Casas de Pradas, Los Cojos, Los Isidros, houses Penen of Albosa and Los Sardineros. Cabriel River flows into the nearby village of Casas de Caballero.

La Rambla Albosa shows places of special beauty, as the Molino Las Ramblas, where once the grain is milled with the momentum of the water, place the Cocedero, with stunning views of Cerro La Hoya and the mouth of Peñas Negras, near the depopulated the Sardineros, extraordinary landscape environment which highlight the enormous sloughed black stones, and meeting their wetlands of its diverse fauna (wild boars, eagles, owls, hares, wild goats, etc.). Besides the erosive action of the promenade on the Quaternary land it has built a landscape featuring small gardens.

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