Plaza de la Villa
Plaza de la Villa , was the main center of the city, where public buildings were and were held fairs and markets

The Spanish fashion of the largest squares Requena joined in the seventeenth century, for a large space to mount the weekly market and celebrate major public events, including highlighting bullfights. To achieve this large rectangular space was necessary to demolish some apples from the occupied buildings. We know that in 1685 this square was built in the Town Hall, the Casa del Corregidor, the House of Verdugo and the Jail.

The floor of this square is inclined from north to south, like the rest of the neighborhood, and was ground until the end of the seventies of the twentieth century. In carrying out these works they were becoming different tunnels that allowed discover the caves that were in the old houses demolished in the seventeenth century and were built in the space of the square.

In the mid-nineteenth century (1851) the Town Hall in the Plaza de la Villa is demolished and moved to the suburbs, occupying part of the building of the Carmelite Convent, bringing the main square of La Villa was losing its importance as a center of the city in favor of the squares of the suburb.


The square of the Villa Colonel Jose Ruiz Albornoz who led the successful defense of the population against the attacks of the Chartists on September 13, 1836 was dedicated.

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