The Natural Park of Chera - Sot de Chera

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The Chera-Sot de Chera Natural Park comprises 6,451.17 hectares located between the regions of La Plana Requena-Utiel and Los Serranos.

The Chera-Sot de Chera Natural Park, with an area of ??6,451 has is one of the Valencian territories where environmental and cultural values of particular relevance are concentrated. It is located northwest of the province of Valencia, between the regions of Utiel-Requena and Los Serranos. Its beautiful environment formed by deep gorges and steep mountains surrounding fertile valleys occupied by farmland, result in a unique landscape shaped throughout history by different cultures and traditions that have colonized these lands. It was declared on February 23, 2007.

The Park includes the Geopark Chera. There are many geological attractions: the graben of Chera, travertine "Las Toscas" and "La Garita" or the crease with known as "anticline" fracture.

Flora and Fauna

Linked to the watercourses and the perimeter of the reservoir Buseo find riparian forests in highlighting the black cottonwood, poplar, elm or willow. We can also see willows, oleanders, cattails, hawthorns, as well as other species native riparian environments such as violet, clover and spurge.

Climatic and geográficias, along with human diversity, characteristics define a cluster environment where a wide variety of wildlife are distributed. Highlights some species of raptors such as the golden eagle, white eagle, peregrine falcon, owl, et. In the riverside area highlights the pike, carp, catfish, trout and various amphibians and reptiles. As for the mammals are wild boars, badgers, civet cats, wild cats and foxes.

Sample of biological wealth is the existence of two micro flora species such as yew (Taxus Bacata) or inclusion in the Site of Community Interest "Sierra Negrete" and Zone of Special Protection (SPA) "Alto Turia Sierra Negrete "


The Natural Park has a network itineraries among which Chorro Las Cuevas and La Garita, the reservoir Buseo, the RIOT Sot and The Canyons. Further along the park there is different PR and GR approved trails that ofrencen the possibility of hiking.

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