Fuente de Los Morenos

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In the place of the Fuente de Los Morenos we find a source known for the medicinal nature of its waters

The source is located in the Rambla de los Morenos, near the village of Los Duques and Campo Arcís. This place is located within the Natural Park of the nature park, is well known and appreciated by the people of the region and around the quality of its waters.

In 1851 hydrologist D. Joaquin Fernandez, in his book "hydrological research on the springs of the city of Requena" highlighted its composition in bicarbonate and magnesium sulfates, Aluminia and iron sulfate, which made this purgative waters, diuréticas, own for indigestion, urinary tract infection and kidney stones. But above all they were indicated to cure chlorosis or paleness, scallops and scurvy sores and wounds and burns.

The discovery of Iberian site of The Pilillas in 2008, where the Iberians produced wine 2,500 years ago, with the discovery in 2009 of a Neanderthal settlement that could be older than 50,000 years, has been a tourist attraction renovation of this landscape.

The source was conditioned and channeled and remains a tourist attraction and medicinal. The source, which is accessed via a staircase, has four pipes located on a wall lined with stone work. Water poured into a small basin and it passes to a larger where people usually bathe. On one side of the raft through a pipe, water poured into the wadi.


From Requena we will take the N-322 and about 10 km. we will take the detour to the left to get to Los Duques. Once there, and from the town center, we follow a dirt road for 4.5 km to reach the source. You can observe stone structures on both sides of the road once left to the left down to the Fountain of the Morenos.

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