Coto Ferrer

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Coto Ferrer , also known as La Caseta del Cura , is located in a pine forest near the river Magro

Coto Ferrer, also known as La Caseta del Cura, is located at the top of the La Canaleja. It has zones, shelter, tables, benches and fountains. You can sleep in the shelter. as long as it is requested the necessary permission.


Requena from the N -330 to La Portera. From here the CV -429 (Hortunas - Yatova) to km. 10 '1 where you will find the recreation area.


Type: Recreation Area

Municipality: Requena

County: La Plana de Requena -Utiel

Province: VALENCIA

Geographical location ( UTM): x = y = 4,360,692 672,841

Cartographic sheet: 720

Capacity Persons: 100

Accessible by: road

You can access: with car or bus

Next Town: Requena

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