Convent of San Francisco
The Convent of San Francisco , which served as a strong and presidio was built in 1569 on a chapel dedicated to NRTA . Ms. Grace


In the neighborhood of the Loma, and next to the spot of the Hoya of them Mills, is located the ancient convent of San Francisco. Seems to be that after the occupation of Requena by Alfonso VI (1181) was built a Hermitage dedicated to Nrta. Sra. de Gracia, which was destroyed and rebuilt several times.

In 1560 came to Requena, from de Chelva, a community of monks Franciscan. The Foundation of the community of the convent of San Francisco was launched in 1576 but wasn't until 1617 when the first stone was laid and work began. In 1639, completed the work, is held the first mass and occupied the community Franciscan Requena his first House in the Loma. In she remained them Franciscan until 1835 in that is produced the Secularization of the monks and the Suppression of the convent.

To beginning of the century XVIII, during the Guerra of succession, the Colonel Nebot established the headquarters general of the troops of the Archduke Carlos. Between 1808 and 1814 was dislodged it community convent for use the monastery as strong advanced in the defense of Requena in the war against the French. In 1822 were expelled them 14 religious that were part of the community and in 1835 was produced the secularization and devastation of the convent. In 1840 he returned to serve as a defensive war against the Carlists and from 1842 building was used to accommodate inmates who worked at the opening of the so-called groupers road, later known by Nacional III and currently motorway de Valencia.

In 1858 and having gone the old Hospital of the calle del Carmen, works are finished to suit the convent to charity Hospital, although the Church was not restored until 1909. Sick care was entrusted to the nuns of the consolation, where they remained with this mission until the mid-twentieth century. The Foundation of the Holy Hospital of poor who, through donations of rustic property and real estate, came to possess important properties, naming as administrator of the parish priest of San Nicolas was established for the economic maintenance of the institution.

To the stay closed the building at the end of the Decade of them years eighty of the century XX, is began a brutal destruction gang that there was of be shortcut by it Foundation with the restoration of roofs and forged initiated in 2002 and the recovery of the Church for be dedicated to Museum.


The building of the convent of San Francisco, with a surface area of 3 600 m, consists of four bodies, with three plants per ship and an inner courtyard. The entrance to the convent is formed by a door with arch dovelada of half point. The door of the Church is of moulding classic with lintel straight. On this we find a small niche decorated with pilasters and a pediment. The upper part of the façade is decorated with a cornice. In the part left is located the Bell Tower built in stone of Ashlar masonry and topped with balustrade.

He value artistic and monumental of the convent of the Loma can appreciate it in its elegant and austere cloister tardo-renacentista built in 1663, as well as in its spacious Temple baroque of a single ship and chapels attached in its buttresses.

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