Cid's Palace
They say the old romances that here was a meeting of Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar with King Alfonso VI to arrange the weddings of their daughters with the Infantes of Carrion .

The Palace of the Cid, according to has the legend, was built in the century XV on the solar of which outside ancient residence of the Cid in Requena. They say the old romances that here took place the meeting of Díaz Rodrigo de Vivar with King Alfonso VI to arrange the marriage of his daughters with the Infantes of Carrión. Legend or not, so certain is that the Cid was in Requena in the year 1089, as it collected them chronic of the time.

Know that in the century XVIII the Palace was property of the counts of Torrellano that, although not lived in Requena, retained its important properties. Until the sixties of the twentieth century was inhabited by families for rent, a large room went to the barn with their trojes and used its Trulli and his winery to produce wine. Starting from then was closed starting is thus its deterioration. In 1991 was bought to Dona Leticia of Bourbon, Countess of Torrellano, by the Ministry of economy, Hacienda and employment.

Thanks to the rehabilitation of the property, led to out by the Department of economy, Hacienda and employment, to the effort of the Town Hall of Requena and to the Plan of revitalization of the product tourist of Requena this building is developed in the Museum of the Wine.


In this gothic Palace is its facade of Ashlar with Voussoir arched door, its windows with ogee arches, her skirt with their funny dogs in the auction of its beams and the noble coat of arms belonging to the Pedrón family.  In its rear facade, masonry, can a veranda with turned balusters from wood and another half-point gate.

In the respectful restoration is has preserved its hallway with coffered ceiling, the ladder of access to the first plant with handrails and balcony of balusters turned and the deep well. Also is has recovered the Trulli, the trulleta or battery and the cave-Winery with 9 jars great.  Also have kept the gorrineras with their troughs carved into the rock, a former jaraiz with its floor tilted brick and formed and beams of the upper floors.


Ask at Tourist Info Requena. Tel. 697 10 48 24 / 96 230 38 51

Days of closing annual: 1 of January, 19 of March, 24, 25 and 31 of December and all them Mondays not holidays.


Normal Admission: 2 €-Entrance reduced: 1´50 €

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