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Neighborhood Brook is located between San Juan and Rome, to little more than one kilometer of San Antonio, of which le separates the river lean


Barrio Arroyo is between San Juan and Roma, just over a kilometre away from San Antonio, across the Magro river. Barrio Arroyo's origins, like those of most villages along the river plain, involve a farm house that once belonged to the Arroyo de Peralte family, from which it got its name.


The main and almost only economic activity of the inhabitants is agriculture, mainly growing vineyards. The Cooperativa Agrícola Niño Jesús (Tel. + 34 96 232 00 93, was founded in 1964.


In the high part of town is the Parque de los Trilladores (Threshers' Park), with stone tables and barbecue grills. There's also a small football pitch for the little ones. Some distance away from the hamlet are La Pinada and La Fuente de la Teja, where vineyards combine with low-lying areas full of rosemary and wild ravines, now dry, but bearing the signs of having provided a channel for vast streams of water at one time. It's tradition to go to these places on Easter Monday to eat the pastry known as “la mona”.


Celebration of the child Jesus

Every odd-numbered year, celebrations are held to honour the hamlet's patron saint, the Child Jesus (on even-numbered years the celebrations take place in the neighbouring hamlet of Calderón). They start on Holy Saturday, with the gathering of rosemary used to make the two rosemary arches, one set up in the centre of the hamlet and the other at the door to the old school. On Easter Sunday, the children and the music band go to the town of San Juan at dawn to pick up the Child Jesus and after parading through the streets of the hamlet in a festive, music-filled atmosphere, they place him underneath the rosemary arch set up at the centre of hamlet. After mass, the neighbours accompany the Child Jesus to the Manchuela house, where he Virgin awaits and they are reunited.

To finish things off, the Virgin and the Child are carried in a procession to the San Juan Church. The last week in July sees the celebration of the Feast of the Envero (Veraison), where every effort is made to entertain the neighbours and visitors.

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